Corrosion Testing

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Corrosion Testing & Analysis

Corrosion Testing & Analysis

DTB has a high level of expertise in solving a wide range of corrosion problems. In us, you will find a partner that is highly responsive to your programmatic needs – one that will provide you with robust, innovative, cost-effective, and timely solutions.

We analyze all types of corrosion damage, including general, pitting, intergranular or exfoliation, crevice, filiform, galvanic, stress corrosion cracking (SCC), and corrosion fatigue (CF).

DTB’s specialized corrosion test facilities can be used to concurrently expose multiple configurations to a variety of corrosive atmospheres and mechanical stress, including fatigue profiles. We have also developed advanced test-and-analysis protocols for these facilities in order to provide quantitative, comparative, and actionable corrosion data.