Weapons Testing

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Handguns on table

Weapons Testing for OEM, Law Enforcement, & Military

Our 100 m indoor shooting range provides real-time environmental testing for small and medium caliber weapons. Our test equipment meets minimum ANSI/SAAMI specifications, which will enable you to confirm whether or not your weapons perform with the reliability, functionality, velocity, and accuracy needed when used in adverse conditions.

Weapons Testing and Evaluation Services:

  • High volume proof testing of handgun and rifle components
  • R&D test and evaluation – reliability, failure analysis, fatigue, extreme environmental performance
  • Barrel coating model analysis and durability testing
  • 100 m accuracy testing – barrels to minimum ANSI/SAAMI specifications
  • Weapons durability and functionality testing
  • Weapons failure analysis and improvement programs
  • Weapons accessory evaluation – shot counter, laser sights, scopes, tactical lights, recoil systems
  • Metallurgical evaluation
  • Polymer/Composite evaluation
  • Real-time environmental testing

DTB’s expertise in the fields of engineering and testing can help you perform a full evaluation of your weapon’s performance, as well as provide you with product improvement considerations. Tests for corrosion, ruggedness, and lubricant compatibility will help you determine the operational life of your product.

Gun Standards:

  • TOP 3-2-045 – Small Arms – Hand and Shoulder Weapons and Machineguns
  • NIJ Standard-0112.03 – Autoloading Pistols for Police Officers, 1998
  • SAAMI Z.299.5 – Criteria for Evaluation of New Firearms Designs Under Conditions of Abusive Mishandling for the Use of Commercial Manufacturers, 1996
  • MIL-G-1298A – Guns, Machine; Calibre .50, Browning, M2, Heavy Barrel