Ballistic Range Testing

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Ballistic Indoor Shooting Range

Indoor Shooting Range Services

DTB can test up to .50 caliber weapons and can create custom backstops for larger caliber armor resistance testing. We can perform endurance, reliability, accuracy, functional, fit check, wear evaluations, and proof testing on your equipment.

Indoor Shooting Range Services:

  • Small and medium caliber weapons testing
  • Testing under environmental extremes
  • Opaque armor testing
  • Transparent armor testing
  • Complete armored vehicle evaluations
  • Law enforcement training
  • Product demos for tri-state law enforcement
  • Ammunition testing and development
  • Body armor testing, in accordance with NIJ Standard-0101.06
  • R&D projects

DTB’s shooting range services meet all federal, state, and local licensing requirements. We follow a strict code of rules and regulations in order to keep our customers safe and satisfied. DTB maintains all of the support range services necessary to complete your small arms and ammunition testing in the most efficient manner. Indoor testing provides privacy, security, and a competitive advantage to our customers.

DoD Compliant and Approved:

  • DoD Manual 5100.76
  • DoD Manual 4145.26
  • DoD Manual 5220.22M
  • FAR Part 45 – Government Property