Testing Services Overview

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Military Vehicle in Test Chamber

The links below are a general introduction to our testing services. Any of our capabilities may be combined to create the best test procedures for your requirements.

DTB is the largest independent testing laboratory in the United States with a full spectrum of testing services all under one roof. We provide a wide range of environmental, dynamics and vibration, EMI/EMC, ballistics, optical, ordnance release, and safety and survival testing.

We also conduct full-scale aircraft static and fatigue testing in our recently renovated structural test lab that is fully equipped to handle large sections of aircraft under our 40 ft. roof.

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Testing Services

products being freeze-tested
shaking test platform
Dynamics & Vibration
emi testing chamber
structural testing jig
firing range for ballistics testing
optical test instruments
bomb rack
Ordnance Release
fire test chamber
Safety & Survival
rack of instrumentation
Test Stands