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Federal Aviation Administration

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FAA Services

The FAA’s continuing mission is to provide the safest, most efficient aerospace system in the world. At DTB, we have extensive experience working with the stringent requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration and offer many different services to meet your needs.

DTB’s Technical Services Division can handle all aspects of your completion, operation, maintenance, and system interfaces. Our project teams have impressive experience in every phase of development and delivery to every requirement. These teams include technical authors with backgrounds as equipment specialists, aviation engineers, and A&P-licensed mechanics and pilots.

Under the requirements of FAR Part 145, every repair station must have FAA compliant manuals that reflect the specific quality and repair procedures of that facility. If you lack the expertise, time, or desire to create FAA compliant Repair Station Manuals, DTB can help. We develop Repair Station and Quality Procedures Manuals to satisfy the new requirements of 14 CFR, Part 145, Sections 145.207-145.211.

We also develop cost-effective Training Program Manuals and Computer-Based Training (CBT) systems that satisfy the requirements of 14 CFR, Part 145, Section 145.163.

We develop first-rate manuals and provide first-class service. Our products are structured specifically to support the operation, maintenance, and interface of the equipment and systems that you repair – satisfying stringent documentation requirements is our business.

14 CFR, Part 145 Repair Station requirements state that MROs must develop specific technical manuals to support their operations and quality activities.

DTB has the facilities and expertise to handle almost any project required. Our team of engineers will put your product through all of the required testing and help diagnose and analyze problems as they arise. Give us a call today to learn more!

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