Coupon & Component Structural Testing

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DTB Coupon & Component Structural Testing

Coupon & Component Testing

DTB has extensive facilities and expertise in coupon and component structural testing for static, as well as constant amplitude and spectrum, fatigue testing.

Our facilities include a static load Tinius Olsen, two Instron test systems, and two servo hydraulic MTS coupon test systems to perform several types of material, hardware, or component tests. The testing ranges can reach up to 120 KIP, statically, and 22 KIP, dynamically.

Our reliable and accurate testing solutions are ideal for advanced materials research, product development, quality control, and manufacturing process optimization. DTB can investigate overload failure, fatigue fracture, tensile fracture, and compression buckling – all while providing total life, crack initiation, and crack growth data.

Component structural tests provide a cost-effective way to validate design concepts early in the design process. DTB has conducted many composite component structural test programs to verify damage growth characteristics and to validate composite repairs and design concepts under challenging hot/wet conditions. We also provide coupon programs for environmental (high and low temperature) and corrosion effects on materials, as well as surface finishes.

Coupon programs are normally low-cost, simple-to-conduct tests that permit the evaluation of materials (or variations of materials), hardware, or components. Coupon programs can be used for metallurgical variations evaluation, like the effect of heat treatment and microstructure, and alloy chemistry variations evaluation.