Analysis Capabilities

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Linear and Non-Linear Analysis Services

Analysis Capabilities

DTB’s complete structural analysis capabilities include linear and non-linear analyses of structural components and systems under static, dynamic, and thermal loads. DTB has the ability to develop engineering solutions through analytical calculations and the subsequent preparation of technical reports with strength and stiffness analysis; margin of design safety of engineering test articles; structures and components; and the validation of design vs. actual Shear, Moments, and Torsion requirements.

We can also develop load paths and determine buckling loads, limit/ultimate loads, or creep on parts at room temperature or elevated temperatures. Load cells are used to apply forces to components under simulated operating conditions, and the results are used to validate designs and other analyses.

Loading history is recorded through the use of strain gages, load calibrations, data recording equipment, and other instrumentation. Through the use of statistical methods, a loading spectrum can be determined, which expands the recorded data into a full range of conditions. This information can be used in analytical life predictions and for discrete tests.

DTB can also provide structural analysis services for the evaluation and condition assessment of existing structures, including the application of non-destructive, on-site, and load testing methods, for measuring existing states of stress, material properties, structural behavior characteristics, and material uniformity.