DTB Mission Systems Division

  • MQ-4C Triton Unmanned Air System's forward operating base (FOB) built by DTB
  • F-5N DADC/ADS-B modification/installation
  • MQ-25A Operational Shore Ground Control Station design and development
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  • ISR aircraft  system upgrades and support
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ISR Mission Support Solutions

Email Mission Systems or call us at (240) 490-2499 - we're here to help.

With the growing demand for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance solutions that enable timely and informed decision-making, we integrate cutting-edge products and intelligent systems for military ISR aircraft and ground systems.

We provide mobile SCIF trailers along with a full range of aircraft modification capabilities to support your critical mission. DTB has the breadth and depth of engineering expertise required to understand system requirements for design, prototyping, production, and mission support needs, delivering the best solution for your mission critical program.

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DTB Solutions

Dayton T. Brown, Inc. (DTB) Mission Systems Division offers complete hardware, logistical, and programmatic solutions for ISR and aircraft modifications.

We deliver ingenuity and quality in design, prototype fabrication, assembly, test, integration, technical publications, and complete life cycle support. Aircraft upgrades are supported through innovative procurement solutions and integration with aircraft and ground systems.

DTB is a recognized leader in engineering, testing, technical publications, and logistical support. We have extensive experience with rotary, fixed-wing, unmanned aircraft, and military ground systems.

We’re strategically located in Pax River, Maryland, possess engineering and testing expertise, and over 30,000 sq ft of manufacturing and integration facilities.

DTB is ISO9001 and AS9100 registered, DoD approved and secured, and compliant with DCMA accounting requirements.

The Benefits of DTB –

  • High level integration, including design, build, and test of transportable, reliable, proven Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs) and Forward Operating Bases (FOBs).
  • Rapidly develop and produce custom, innovative products and solutions with assurance security risks are mitigated by leveraging Corporate capabilities, TEMPEST, and EMI/EMC design and testing experience.
  • Expertise with cable assemblies, metal fabrication, and precision machining keeps programs on time and within budget.
  • Mature program management and engineering expertise in a variety of disciplines support scheduling and technical requirements.
  • Design and product support of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance ground systems and related airborne components.

DTB's Unique Capabilities –

Aircraft Modifications

With our wide breadth of experience and capabilities, DTB can provide solutions for low-rate production and installation of aircraft upgrades and modifications. DTB has extensive experience in the development, testing, and integration of avionic upgrades, antenna development, and other system modifications.

Examples of Past Projects

  • F-5 Digital Air Data Computer (DADC) development and installation
  • Wide Band SATCOM Antenna (WBSC2) development
  • KC-130J ADS-B Lighting Control Box development, assembly, and test
  • MQ-25A Operational Shore Ground Control Station design and development

Logistics Material Support

DTB provides value add logistics support through careful management of purchase requirements including research of alternatives, vendor qualification verification, purchasing, receipt inspection, and delivery to final user. In addition, we have a Government Approved Purchasing system.

Please direct inquiries to:
Tel: (240) 490-2499
Email: missionsystems@dtb.com

Dayton T. Brown, Inc. contributes to your mission by leveraging more than 70 years of experience to offer comprehensive engineering services, testing, logistics, technical publications, and military mission systems support services.  Through communication and teamwork, we are an extension of your engineering team with a thorough understanding of product life cycle needs and customer requirements.  Our engineers and technicians tackle challenges and find solutions to tough problems, producing the results you need to stay on schedule.