DTB and the US Coast Guard

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USCG Helicopter

Engineering & Testing

The US Coast Guard is a maritime service branch that administers maritime law enforcement, as well as other functions, such as search and rescue missions. The Coast Guard is also a branch of the armed services and can perform military functions, when required.

DTB services the Coast Guard and its prime contractors in a variety of ways. We conduct testing on maritime vessels and their components, including shipboard, environmental, dynamics, and EMI testing. We have chambers of various sizes, as well as vibration facilities that can handle the larger items that are prevalent in this service branch.

In addition to testing, DTB provides technical publications for US Coast Guard procured resources and equipment. This encompasses aircraft search and rescue helicopter publications, ship operating manuals, and ship and engineering manuals. We also provide maintenance training courses to shipyards and suppliers of ship equipment, such as engines, gear boxes, control stands, and deck equipment.

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