Hydraulic Pressure Testing

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Hydraulic Pressure Testing Apparatus

Hydraulic Testing

DTB’s powerful in-house hydraulic plant, coupled with our years of experience in building hydraulic pressure systems, provides us the capability to handle the most demanding hydraulic pressure tests.

For tests that require large flow rates, we have several 100 GPM pumps available. We have performed static pressure tests to 30,000 PSI and have the capability to perform dynamic pressure tests with pressures up to 18,000 PSI.

The hydraulic fluids that we test with include MIL-H-83282, MIL-H-81722, MIL-H-5606, DTE 24, and a range of ROYCO fluids of various compositions. Pressure testing using Skydrol is also available.

If hydraulic pressure testing is required for part certification, we have experience testing to the many hydraulic pressure test standards. DTB tests to AMS 2615 (supersedes AMS 2620E, which is cancelled) for proof pressure testing. Impulse testing to ARP1383 is also possible. In smaller assemblies, we have achieved pressurization rates of 100,000 PSI/sec. Additionally, we have conducted hydrostatic pressure tests on numerous components, such as landing gear, coolant manifolds, hydraulic actuators, and large shipboard hydraulic components.

Cyclic hydraulic pressure tests can reveal unforeseen stress concentrations around ports and mounting geometry on vessels and fittings. To evaluate these stresses, we can instrument your assembly with strain gages, or we can conduct periodic non-destructive inspections for cracks and track their growth to provide data for life predictions.

If you have a new hydraulic component, DTB has the instrumentation available to provide accurate data to help you build your specification sheet. Characteristics, such as flow rate tests and head losses, can also be measured. A high and low temperature hydraulic pressure test can be conducted to find the bounds of your component’s operating envelope. Efficiency tests of hydraulic motors and cylinders can be performed, as well.