DTB Electric Propulsion and Energy Storage Services

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Testing Services for USAF

Engineering & Testing

We offer testing of battery products for use in a variety of transportation related applications.

Our extensive test facilities, team of experienced electric propulsion and storage testing engineers and support staff provide 24/7 operations to complete your test requirements quickly and efficiently, keeping your programs on schedule and within budget.

We can design custom test plans, chambers, and fixtures to simulate a wide range of environmental conditions with an emphasis on the unique requirements of aviation and aerospace testing such as EMI/EMC, EMP, explosive decompression, solar radiation, dynamics and vibration testing, and much more.

Supporting Propulsion & Battery Requirements for:

  • Space & Aerospace Battery Systems
  • Electric and Hybrid Propulsion Systems
  • Satellite Launch Vehicles
  • Electric Military & Commercial Aircraft Development
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)
  • Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Platforms
  • Electric Vertical Takeoff & Landing (eVTOL)
  • Conventional Takeoff & Landing (cTOL)

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Technical Services

Dayton T. Brown Inc.’s Technical Services Division has established itself as a leader providing a full range of technical information development services to the space, aerospace, and aviation industries.

DTB has successfully implemented comprehensive technical publications programs and logistics support services for some of the most demanding airframe manufacturers and completions centers in the world.

We embrace the opportunity to be a part of reducing carbon emissions and fuel costs while offering relief from transit congestion as the migration to sustainable transportation alternatives emerge.

To complement engine and aircraft manufacturers, DTB has assembled a comprehensive team consisting of aviation publications specialists with diverse publication backgrounds and technical proficiencies while fulfilling all the requirements of developing, maintaining, and distributing full suites of comprehensive technical documentation. We "train-the-trainer" to ensure consistency across the life of the program.

Technical Documentation & Information Data Services:

  • Operator Guides
  • Aircraft Flight Manuals
  • Illustrated Parts (IPB/IPC/IPL/IPD/RPSTL)
  • Wiring Diagram Manuals (WDM)
  • Fault Isolation & Troubleshooting Manuals (FIM/TSM)
  • Repair Manuals – Structural & Component

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